What is an EB-5 Regional Center?

For those who are interested in the US EB-5 investor visa you may have encountered the term ‘Regional Center’. There is some confusion over what a Regional Center is exactly and why investors choose to invest in EB-5 projects via such an entity. In this edition of our newsletter we give a brief overview of the Regional Center and what its benefits are.


A Sponsor of Capital Investment Projects
An EB-5 Regional Center is a service agent organization designated by the US immigration authority (USCIS) that sponsors capital investment projects for investment by EB-5 investors.  It is an investment mechanism for investors and companies looking to complete a project under the EB-5 Program. The benefit of having a Regional Center designation is that the regional center can take advantage of indirect and induced (activty from economic impact) job creation, not just direct job creation. This means that the Regional Center can make it easier to reach the job creation requirements under the USCIS rules.


The Benefit of a Regional Center for Investors

An approved Regional Center can be any private or public economic entity that is involved with the promotion of economic growth and job creation. Investing through a Regional Center is not the only way to invest in EB-5 projects, but the benefit of a Regional Center investment is that the investment project is managed for the investor. This suits investors who are more concerned with obtaining residency status rather than directly managing an investment on their own.


Instead of investing directly into the project, the Regional Center sets up an investment fund for the benefit of the EB-5 investors. In one kind of set-up the investor will then invest in the investment fund, and this fund will then loan the funds to the project. The project then uses the investment from the fund to build or develop the project, and of course then to create the jobs. There are other EB-5 project organizational types, but this is arguably the most beneficial in terms of efficiency and security in job creation.
Central Florida EB5 Regional Center


At the Feltrim Group of companies we have both established our own Regional Center and also are developing projects. Our first project is Balmoral Resort, sponsored by our Regional Center, Central Florida EB5 Regional Center. This prjoject received exemplar approval from the USICS. Balmoral is a vacation home development of 245 homes and a $5 million amenities area, creating 534.6 jobs. All investment slots have now been taken and we have just launched investment in the Feltrim Preparatory Academy and R9 Ronaldo Soccer Academy. This is a new preparatory school, general sports academy and soccer academy associated with the Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo. This project will create 19 jobs per investor – well over the minimum 10 jobs required.


The Central Florida EB5 Regional Center is listed on the USCIS website. Click here to view and search under ID: ID1330451257


For further details download our guide below or visit the USCIS website.

Indian investment in the United States EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program has hit record levels.
In fact, India is now the third largest beneficiary of the EB-5 immigrant visa program with investment rising by almost half last year.
Total investment by Indians in EB-5 projects in 2016 was $177million, up 48% on the previous year, according to the latest figures obtained by industry association, IIUSA, in June 2017 from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services.
EB-5 investors are required to invest $1million in a project which creates at least 10 jobs or $500,000 in a rural or high-unemployment area. This is administered through an EB-5 Regional Center job creation project, approved by the US immigration authorities.
The prize on offer for investors and their immediate family is a coveted Green Card, allowing successful applicants and their close family to live and work in the United States.
Leading Central Florida developer, Feltrim Group, is visiting India for the first time on a trade mission during early September 2017 to meet real estate agents with clients who are interested in investing in EB-5 projects.
Feltrim Group has some exciting new projects in Haines City, near Orlando, Florida, that qualify for EB-5 investment through its Central Florida EB-5 Regional Center LLC.

Feltrim’s new luxury lakeside community, Balmoral Resort Florida, is a 113-acre private gated community with 245 bespoke, high-end Tuscan-style vacation resort villas and townhouses. Indian leasehold investors can receive a competitive 6% net return on Phase Two properties.
The $125million peaceful resort is set amid beautiful parks, gardens, walkways and lakes and boasts an extensive range of leisure attractions on-site. These include a resort-style pool with luxury clubhouse, a water park, lakeside beach, gym and spa, gourmet kitchen, restaurant, wedding pavilion and a games room with the world’s largest Pac-Man arcade console.
Next to Balmoral Resort Florida is three more pioneering projects – the R9 Ronaldo Soccer Academy, the Feltrim Sports Academy and the international Feltrim Preparatory School, which all eligible for EB-5 investment.
Feltrim Group Chief Executive Officer, Garrett Kenny, explains, “The R9 Ronaldo Academy – which is endorsed by the famous world cup Brazilian soccer star – will include state-of-the-art facilities including a professional soccer field with bleachers, two training fields, locker rooms, café and garden areas. It will also have its own check-in area.
“The R9 Soccer Academy, which scheduled for completion by December 2017, aims to help participants be phenomenal on the field and in life. As well as improving soccer skills, it uses football for the development, cultivation and education of children and youths aged 4-18.”
Ronaldo – a three-times winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year award and former player for Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, says, “We are excited to move into the US market, especially in Florida, where soccer has a great influence in the community. Ronaldo Academy’s focus is more than forging athletes, is to develop youth through soccer. The Balmoral project is a perfect opportunity for us to do that.”

Leading Florida, USA developer, Feltrim Group, is organizing a series of meetings in India for the first time to meet and establish links with Indian real estate agents.

Feltrim Group wants to appoint experienced Indian agents to represent its new luxury lakeside community, Balmoral Resort Florida, in Haines City, near Orlando, which provides a generous 6% net to leaseback investors.


Balmoral Resort Florida features high-end custom vacation homes set within a 113-acre private gated community, with tranquil parks, gardens, walkways and lakes. It also includes a resort-style pool with luxury clubhouse, waterpark, lakeside beach, gym and spa, gourmet kitchen, restaurant, wedding pavilion, plus a games room with the world’s largest Pac-Man arcade console. The $125million resort opened in March and is now selling Phase Two properties.

Feltrim Group is also looking to attract Indian investors for three more exciting new projects – the international Feltrim Preparatory School, the R9 Ronaldo Soccer Academy and the Feltrim Sports Academy, all next to Balmoral Resort Florida.

Chief Executive Officer, Garrett Kenny, explains, “The school and the academies will be among the finest of their kind and will be a significant draw to students from all over the world as they come to take advantage of the facility’s wide range of programs and to participate in its tournaments.”

The school will initially hold 220 students, increasing to 440 within three years, and will feature 15 classrooms on the first floor, an auditorium and banquet hall, media library, gaming and virtual reality laboratories and canteen.
The R9 Ronaldo Academy – backed by the famous world cup Brazilian soccer star – will feature a professional soccer field with bleachers, two training fields, locker rooms, café, garden areas and will have its own check-in area.
The Feltrim Sports Academy will include two NBA-standard basketball courts with bleachers, four volleyball courts, a running track and six tennis courts.

“The Feltrim Prep School and the Feltrim Sports Academy are aimed at students of between 12 and 18 years old and will offer boarding options at Balmoral Resort. The school itself will be a unique facility, as it promises access to an unprecedented array of resources provided accelerated training in all aspects of individual development,” says Mr Kenny.

The three new projects are each available for funding through the popular EB-5 immigration investment scheme, which provides a Green Card and permanent residence in the United States for investors who fulfill the program requirements.

Under the EB-5 program, the required minimum investment required by each foreign investor is US$500,000, if the project is in a Targeted Employment Area. The investment is sponsored by Central Florida EB-5 Regional Center LLC, which has already completed one successful EB-5-funded project.

Garrett Kenny is in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi during the first two weeks in September 2017 on a Feltrim-sponsored India Trade Mission, organized by AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America).  He is keen to speak with international agents who can locate investors for Feltrim.

During the trade mission, Mr Kenny is also attending the 9th annual National Association of Realtors’ NAR INDIA Convention in Mumbai, on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 September. The convention, at the Hotel Renaissance, is expected to be attended by around 1,300 developers and agents.
Garrett Kenny says, “We would be interested to hear from any experienced Indian real estate agents with clients who are keen to invest in our Florida projects.
“Feltrim Group offers a competitive return on interest for Indian real estate investors as well as the chance of immigration to the United States through EB-5.
“Indian investors spent $7.8billion on United States property in the year to March, according to the latest figures from the National Association of Realtors. They increased their spend from the previous year and are now among the top five nations. That’s why we are arranging sales meetings in India for the first time and are keen to meet with proactive Indian agents with clients wanting to invest in Florida.”

Since Feltrim Group was founded in the Orlando area in 1996 by Garrett Kenny, it has built and sold over $700million worth of property.

Any agent wanting to arrange a meeting with Garrett Kenny should email garrett@feltrim.com.

Balmoral Resort Florida opened its gates to visitors Friday, in Haines City, Florida, to great fanfare in a ceremony attended by over 300 guests including resort developer Garrett Kenny of Feltrim Group, Congressman Darren Soto of Florida’s Ninth District, and coincided with the groundbreaking of a new R9 Soccer academy at the same resort by Brazilian superstar player Ronaldo, who also participated in the groundbreaking.


Balmoral is a new vacation home resort comprising of almost 250 mostly single-family style homes, each with its own private pool. What makes this resort different from the average vacation home resort is the over $5 million in amenities including a water park, wedding pavilion, resort pool and spa, games room, restaurant, along with many lakes and gardens. Not only this, the new under construction R9 soccer academy makes Balmoral somewhat unique as a vacation home resort.


The weekend’s events opened the first phase of the Balmoral Resort. Phase 1 consists of the amenities area plus over 100 vacation homes. The homes were predominantly purchased abroad by buyers from the UK, Asia and South America.


Congressman Soto stated at the opening of the resort; “I’m pleased to extend my to congratulations to everyone here today at the opening of the Balmoral Resort! The Haines City Chamber of Commerce, Feltrim Group, and everyone here deserve credit for bringing this beautiful resort to our district.”


According to Feltrim CEO Garrett Kenny, “Balmoral will contribute over $125 million to the local economy in property taxes initially, but with the R9 Soccer Academy and our plans for a private school and basketball academy at this location we see that increasing substantially.” Congressman Soto remarked, “The Balmoral Resort is already contributing to the local economy, through construction jobs and continuing employment at the resort. In addition to its many amenities for visitors and residents alike, we are thrilled to see the R9 soccer academy, the first of its kind in Polk County.”


The soccer player Ronaldo participated in the groundbreaking for his new R9 academy at Balmoral along with Garrett Kenny. The academy will feature a full-size professional soccer field, two training fields, classrooms, and other facilities. Mr. Kenny explained why he wanted to bring the R9 to Balmoral. “We chose to bring R9 to Balmoral, because firstly it is associated with one of the greatest soccer players of all time and secondly because we were very interested in the fact that R9 isn’t just a soccer academy but it also has excellent programs to help develop young people in all aspects of their lives through the use of sport such as building character and in setting goals, so in that way R9 really fits in with our larger vision for Balmoral and what we are trying to do here in Haines City.”


The R9 academy at Balmoral is due to open by the end of 2017. Phase I of the Balmoral Resort is now open and accepting guests, while sales of vacation homes in the Phase II of the resort are now underway

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Press Release:

Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo – a three-time winner of the FIFA World Player of the year award, and former club player for Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid – will attend a groundbreaking ceremony on March 31st for his latest R9 academy, at the new vacation home resort Balmoral Resort Florida in Haines City, near Orlando, Florida.


The new academy, to be spread over 5 acres, will encompass a full-sized professional soccer field, three training fields, class rooms, an auditorium and more and is seeking to attract young players from all over the world to learn the special Ronaldo technique. According to the developer of the academy and the adjacent resort, Irish entrepreneur Garrett Kenny of Feltrim Group, the building of this facility is symbolic of the growth of soccer in the US and in Florida; “Central Florida is truly an international location and so it’s only natural that the world’s most popular sport would find a home in Orlando. We are thrilled that a great star like Ronaldo is opening an academy with us in our new Balmoral Resort.”


Ronaldo himself stated “We are excited to move into the US market, especially in Florida, where soccer has a great influence in the community. Ronaldo Academy’s focus is more than forging athletes, is to develop youth through soccer. The Balmoral project is a perfect opportunity for us to do that, and I’m excited to be with Garrett during the groundbreaking ceremony in late March.”


The groundbreaking of the new R9 academy will coincide with the opening of the first phase Balmoral vacation home resort; a development of 245 vacation homes and a $5 million amenities area which will include a water park, clubhouse, restaurant, wedding pavilion and games room featuring the world’s largest Pac-Man arcade console.


The academy at Balmoral will form part of a larger masterplan development, currently slated to include the resort, the academy in addition to a private boarding school and sports complex. The R9 academy is scheduled for completion by December 2017.

Press Release:

Vacation Home firm Feltrim Resorts will open the gates of its new resort Balmoral near Orlando, Florida this March, and according to its CEO, Garrett Kenny, this new resort set to give local hotels a run for their money.


Traditionally the provider of resort vacationing, hotels are now feeling the pressure from new vacation home resorts such as Balmoral which provide guests with the extra space and comfort of a vacation home, but are now increasingly providing top class amenities to go along with the accommodation. Mr. Kenny points out that Central Florida is more popular than ever, attracting over 66 million visitors in 2015 alone, yet the occupancy rate of hotels has decreased slightly. According to Kenny this is due to the increasing attractiveness of vacation home resorts.

“Vacation homes are moving out of their infancy” according to Kenny, helped no doubt by Airbnb and online portals. “What a gated resort like Balmoral offers guests is space for the grandparents, all the kids, the pet while also providing the family with a private pool with their home, Smart TVs, lots of bedrooms and a convenient place to park. This, along with amenities of a five-star hotel such as a water park, resort pool, games room, and restaurant, plus concierge services. So it starts to become a very attractive option for families arriving in their cars from other parts of Florida or the US.”

The new Balmoral resort is located in the Haines City area, about 25 minutes from Disney World and less than 15 minutes from LEGOLAND. A $125 million resort, once completed will comprise 245 3-8 bedroom vacation homes, with each single-family-home featuring a private pool. The resort will officially open on March 31st with a glitzy gala opening event. Slated for later in 2017 is the opening of the resort’s R9 soccer academy, associated with Brazilian legend Ronaldo.

More people are coming to live in Orlando, placing it among the top 10 fastest-growing United States cities for 2016, new figures show.

Orlando’s population grew 2.31% in 2015 and is projected to rise by another 2.03% in 2016, according to new figures from the Forbes.com website.


Forbes.com compiled its annual list of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities by ranking the 100 largest metro areas and their surrounding suburbs. It took into account population growth for 2015 and 2016, year-over-year job growth for 2015, the metro’s economic growth rate, unemployment and median annual pay for college-educated workers. Data from the 2014 census shows that metropolitan Orlando had 2.3million people and with more of the growing number of 62million visitors set to be converted to residents and a growing number of retirees looking to relocate to the region, the population is set to continue growing.

Orlando Busy

Garrett Kenny, who heads up leading Central Florida developer and agent, Feltrim Group, says the fact that Orlando is among the fastest growing US cities comes as little surprise.

“With Orlando’s world-class theme parks and leading entertainment attractions, plus a huge choice of shopping, sports and top-quality real estate and sunny weather, who would want to live anywhere else? In the same way that I first got to see the charms of Central Florida as a tourist and with my family decided to make it our home, many of Orlando’s 62million annual visitors are set to do the same.”


Feltrim Group offers a range of real estate in Central Florida, including its newest luxury lifestyle project, Balmoral At Waters Edge, which is 25 minutes south of Walt Disney World resort, and close to Legoland Florida. It is also just a mile from one of Florida’s most celebrated golf courses at the Southern Dunes Golf Club. The 113-acre private gated community is set in glorious lakeland, parkland and gardens and features elegant Tuscan-style three to eight-bedroom homes. The development has resort-style amenities, including a swimming pool with luxury clubhouse, mini waterpark, lakeside beach, gym and spa, gourmet kitchen, restaurant and more.

Orlando is set to remain among the fastest growing metros this year for family real estate rental markets, thanks to its growing leisure and hospitality sectors.

Orlando is set to remain among the fastest growing metros this year for family real estate rental markets, thanks to its growing leisure and hospitality sectors.

That’s the view of a new report from HomeUnion (https://www.homeunion.com/blog/top-single-family-rental-markets-for-2016-research-report/) website, which says Orlando’s tourism sector, which reached a record 62million in 2015, supports the region’s job growth and renter household formation. HomeUnion predicts Orlando asking rents will remain strong in 2016 and will rise 6.1% to $1,431 per month in 2016.


“The investment market in Orlando will be one of the most sought-after in the nation in 2016 as buyers attempt to place capital in the improving region. Orlando will remain among the fastest growing metros this year as significant additions in the leisure and hospitality; construction; and trade, transport and utilities sectors support tenant demand,” says HomeUnion.


“The metro has already broken all national records in the last two years by welcoming over 60 million visitors annually, and will attract new visitors, employers and job seekers this year as well. Thousands of payroll additions will be required for constructing the SunRail Transit Project, Interstate 4 reconstruction, and building the University of Central Florida’s new Orlando campus. In three years, the campus is expected to house 13,000 students and 1,900 staff.”

Garrett Kenny, Chief Executive Officer of leading Central Florida real estate specialist, Feltrim Group, agrees that real estate buy-to-let investors from around the globe are drawn to Orlando’s rental sector.

“With Orlando expected to go on to reach new record visitor numbers in 2016 and beyond, the potential of the buy-to-let investment sector just keeps growing. Add to that double-digital increases in capital values, a robust local jobs market and increasing road and rail links and you can see why the appeal  of real estate investment in Orlando is so strong. In addition, with offers like Feltrim Group’s leaseback option at our luxury lakeside development, Balmoral at Waters Edge (http://balmoralflorida.com), south of WaltDisneyWorld, Orlando, which offers 6% net for up to three years, then there’s even more reason for investors to buy.”


The figures back up an earlier story recently covered by Feltrim Group a few weeks ago, from the ApartmentList.com (https://www.apartmentlist.com/rentonomics/) website, which suggests Orlando apartment rental returns grew at around 9% on average in the year to March 2016, placing it in the top three in the United States

  • LegoLand  has  had an  enormously  successful  first five years
  • Park  has  continued  to  expand  and  will add  major  enhancements  in  2017
  • Legoland  is  a  symbol  of  the  growth  of  the  Central  Florida  area  south of  Disney  World

Its’ only been a short four and a half years since LegoLand Florida opened its gates to the public on October 2011, and its been a veritable whirlwind of success so far. Parent company Britain’s Merlin Entertainment are literally building on that success and have recently announced the largest expansion yet of the Central Florida theme park.

The park has already seen new additions; in 2012 the park saw the addition of its very own water park and in 2015 with the opening of a 152 room hotel, however the newly announced additions will really have all those young Lego fan’s mouths watering. Early 2017 will see the opening of a new themed land based the Lego toy-­‐line ‘Ninjago’. The new land will feature a Japanese style village based on those seen in the animated show of the same name with numerous other attractions including ‘Ninjago The Ride’ an innovated interactive adventure that will allow kids to control aspects of the ride by simply waving their hands. The ride will allow kids to blast fireballs and ice from their hands as they fly through an immersive 4D environment.

Do you have an 8-­year‐old who would love to stay in a house made of Lego bricks?

The new LegoLand Beach Retreat resort will give them just that. Due to open in mid 2017 this new resort will be distinguished by its colorful Lego lighthouse and will feature 83 Lego brick style villas in a surfing and beach themed resort.


Garrett Kenny, local resort developer and author of the book ‘Buying and Owning Property in Central Florida who is building a 245 home resort called Balmoral at Water’s Edge not far from Lego Land says that these new expansions are evidence of the continued growth of Central Florida and particularly of the areas south of Disney World. “New developments like LegoLand and Balmoral are really showing that Orlando is continuing its expansion southwards into the Polk County area. The area has shown record tourism figures in 2015. Central Florida in general saw over 66 million visitors in 2015, and this is due in no small part to the huge investment in the area by LegoLand and others. Lego itself is such a powerful international brand that it competes extremely well with the more established theme parks, and they focus exclusively on providing attractions for children.”


The Balmoral development is a $100 million resort currently under construction. It will feature 3-­‐8-­‐bedroom vacation homes, each with its own pool. It will be the closest fully equipped vacation home resort to LegoLand. Balmoral will also feature a number of amenities on site including its own water park, restaurant, bar, resort pool, mini golf, wedding pavilion, a soccer academy and various lakes and gardens. ENDS

The median value of Orlando residential property rose by more than 12% year-over-year in May 2016 and topped $200,000 for the first time in eight years.

The median price of homes in reached $203,000 in May, the first time it has topped $200,000 since August 2008, according to the latest figures from the Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) and sales volumes rose by 7%. The median price of condos increased 15.29% and the median value of single-family homes increased 10.68% year-over-year. Central Florida also boasts a buoyant property market boosted by limited listings and availability, says Garrett Kenny, Chief Executive Officer of top developer and agent, Feltrim Group and it is ideal for leasehold investors looking to generate revenue and enjoy vacation time in the region.


Mr Kenny, who has recently been in China to promote Feltrim’s new luxury lakeside development, Balmoral at Waters Edge, a new premier resort and community near Orlando, says, “Consistently rising prices and limited availability mean that buy-to-let investors not just in the United States, but from around the world, are keen to purchase Feltim’s luxury Central Florida villas and townhouses.


“Orlando median home prices have now risen year-over-year for 58 months running and the median price is 75.76% higher than five years ago and there is little sign of the market slowing down at the moment. Balmoral at Waters Edge even offers leasehold investors a 6% net return, plus off-peak season use, which means they get the best of both worlds – secure returns and enjoy the area’s world-class theme parks, including WaltDisneyWorld and Universal.”

Investors can still benefit from Rising Central Florida Real Estate Values

Balmoral at Waters Edge features prime Tuscan-style custom homes with three to eight bedrooms in a peaceful 113-acre private gated community, with parks, lakes and gardens, from just $318,000, including furniture and a private pool. In addition, Feltrim Group’s property management division takes care of all aspects of renting properties, which provides a worry-free option for global investors.


“The leaseback offer runs for up to three years and leasehold property will be managed and maintained from the resort clubhouse.”


Among the wide range of leisure and recreational facilities at Balmoral at Waters Edge is a resort-style pool with luxury clubhouse, waterpark, lakeside beach, gym and spa, gourmet kitchen, restaurant and more.