Real Estate Planning


What we have done.

At Feltrim, we strive to exceed expectations by offering comprehensive, innovative, quality infused products and services, coupled with the highest level of customer care for all our residential and commercial clients, all the time. Feltrim is an award winning Property Development Company with a 20- year history.

We have over 20 current and planned developments located in prime development areas in Central Florida, all of which are providing excellent returns or are projected to do so. To provide an idea of scale, by 2013, the value of all the completed projects undertaken by the Feltrim Group is expected to exceed $550 million. The company is an active participant in local development strategies and has built up a reputation with
governmental agencies for producing landmark development sites.


Property for Investment

Feltrim have excellent banking relationships and connections with other distressed sellers. In this market these relationships lead to the ability for Feltrim to be able to offer the very best properties on the very best terms to small, big, experienced and novice investors.

The Feltrim approach is to take the client all the way from sourcing the product through to the management and rental of that product and beyond into maintenance and exit. Our reputation and contacts in the industry mean that we are regularly offered brilliant opportunities. Recent discounts from the current market rate have reached as high as 70%- we are using the situation wisely and profitability.

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ concept allows us to acquire distressed real estate, refurbish it to a high quality and then rent or sell it; offering the best service to investors. Visit our site Feltrim International for a list of available properties from all over Central Florida.