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Owning a property abroad is obviously different from owning on down the street from where you live, so we at Feltrim try to bring that property closer to you. We do this through 24/7 online access to important information on your property, through providing timely customer care services and sending monthly statements to on your property.

Property management is how we put your properties to work, and how we ensure that the properties are well-maintained and cared for. Our property management team is made up of experienced individuals who have worked for many years in long-term and short-term / vacation rentals.

Property Management

4 Steps to Getting your Property in Orlando Working

Whether you’ve just purchased your property, whether its a new build or whether its built we can assist you. If the property is newly built it will need to go through a number of inspections by the County before it can be handed over; such as plumbing, electrics, walls etc. When taking possession of the property and keys you’ll do what’s called a ‘walk-through’ where you, or your appointed representative like Feltrim, double check everything. Utilities accounts will also need to be set up. Feltrim can assist you with the handover of your property, and we are also happy to pick up keys from other property managers should you decide to switch.

Its naturally important that your property looks it best if someone is going to live or stay in it. If you plan to rent out your property for on a short-term basis or for vacation rentals, then it’s advisable that you get the property furnished. In certain resorts the management team will have certain furnishing packs they require. In residential areas such as Windermere where only long-term rental is permitted it is not as important to furnish the property, though demand for furnished property in these areas is rising. We can arrange the furnishing of any property and will also take high quality photos for marketing purposes.

Again the process is different for a long term rental and short term rental. If you’re in a resort you may be in a leaseback prog­ram, and you may also get the chance to use the property yourself for a certain amount of days per year. You may be renting out your property long term, with contracts typically being one year. At Feltrim we have agents renting and selling our properties and give your property the best possible exposure via the top web portals and our own local real estate website.

Owning a property abroad, of course, is not like owning one down the street from where you live. The same elements exist including finding a tenant, chasing rent, paying tax, maintenance etc. However, when you’re in a different country, you hand over control to a management company and so may not always have the most up-to-date information to hand. At Feltrim we try to bring your property as close to you as possible. We do this through our online management system giving you 24 hours access to your property, through our professional office staff who are always on call to help, and by providing you clear, timely financial statements.

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